Ancient Egypt to be discovered through Remote Sensing

So here is how remote sensing is helping archaeologists explore never before seen ancient structures and ruins. For many decades, there has been no way to know what is under the surface of the sands in Egypt, and now thanks to infra-red photography and high definition satellite photography, an amazing new wealth of discoveries is now on the horizon.



So it looks like Betelguese is in for some really interesting incidents in the coming years… at least in the context of a star’s life. As in any natural disaster, it could happen tomorrow, or soon, or far from now, and Betelgeuse is on a path to self destruction. Thanks to remote sensing, we have the ability to look deep into the structure, motion, and violent existence that could spell the end of our existence! I am particularly fascinated by the combination of GIS and astronomy that allows us to explore our universe like never before. With the recent launching of Landsat 8, our earthly imagery is bound to be even more amazing too.


How Time Flies

As I write these words, my mind is brought to the amazing thought that I am nearly finished with 2 semesters of GIS coursework.  As our small group nears graduation, the preparation for summer work is beginning to take on a flavor of excitement and curiosity as to what the future will bring for many of us.  It all happens so fast and the possibility for new careers to blossom is as close as the spring flowers nudging their crowns above the soon to be thawed ground.  I am looking forward to the chance to showcase my new skills and grow my future as I tackle new challenges and experiences.  Good luck to us all!!

Selkirk College social media debate

A great debate on the pros and cons of social media and its effect on whether it makes us lonely or not.  Discussed the issues revolving around such sites as facebook and twitter and how are lives are affected by their uses.  It seemed as though the idea that social media is making us lonely won the day, but the debate really lies in the individual and our personal tendencies or trends towards preconditioned loneliness.  It is easy to see that lonely people can become more isolated and thus more lonely the more they rely on social media for their social outlives. it is clear that the trend towards constant connection is creating a society that is no longer able to understand the needs or importance of feeling alone, and dealing with those feelings before searching the social media world to let out those feelings and search for responses to them. Feel what you have to feel and rely on your own self for reasoning and validation.  Use social media for the purposes it was created…. connecting, not creating a world which isolates you from your true self.  Cheers.

When Opportunity Meets GIS

In the new age of Web2.0 and technological advancement in the trade industry, the doors for GIS to become mainstream have been blown wide open.  GIS  is not a static and behind the scenes industry.  GIS surrounds us and is ever changing as the ability for increased resources and functionality become fingertip available.  Today’s world is about the ability to access content, and use it to better our existence in an evolving environment.  Through GIS we can become connected in ways previously unavailable.